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Photogrammetric capture instruction in the 3D Scanning Lab

3D Scanning Lab

三维扫描实验室开始Okl大学ahoma Libraries to address the needs of researchers on campus and the growth of 3D modeling in research studies. The lab provides researchers with equipment, software, and consultation throughout the entire 3D modeling process, from project development through data capture, publication, and archiving. Our mission is to ease the financial and intellectual load for researchers that 3D modeling requires, while fostering innovative, replicable research of the highest quality. The lab is staffed by trained technicians who are able to work with you to create 3D models for your research.

Children's books on library shelves

Children's Collection

Located on the third floor of Bizzell Memorial Library, the Children's Collection includes a wide variety of books written for younger readers, from small children to young adults, in both fiction and non-fiction.

Community Room

Community Room

The community room is at the heart of the Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center and is designed for special events that engage the University community.

Group work at round table and whiteboard

Learning Lab

The Learning Lab is located on Lower Level 1 in Bizzell Memorial Library next to the Helmerich Collaborative Learning Center. In the Learning Lab, OU students have access to collaborative and individual study spaces as well as assistance from other campus services that support student success such as UC Action.

Library MakerSpace

The Library MakerSpace is a flexible experimentation and innovation space that provides access to the latest tools used in research, instruction and knowledge creation, including 3D printing tools, custom virtual reality workstations, software and data skill development and microelectronics kits. The Library MakerSpace can be found on the main floor of the Bizzell Memorial Library (Room 126). All of the resources of the Library MakerSpace are available to the OU community. 3D Printing is available along with VR. Please email libmaker@ou.edu for more information.

Furniture in front of shelves of books

New Books

The New Books area, near the south entrance of Bizzell, contains recently acquired items that have been published in the last year. The area also features comfortable seating, as well as a number of art pieces.

Scenic seating and trees in the Oklahoma Canyon Garden

Oklahoma Canyon Garden

The Oklahoma Canyon Garden is located between the west entrance of Bizzell and the clock tower; it is accessible through the Zarrow Family Faculty and Graduate Student Center on Lower Level 2, and is open to the public. OU President David L. Boren and First Lady Molly Shi Boren developed the idea for the Oklahoma Canyon Garden and funded its completion.

The Great Reading Room

Peggy V. Helmerich Great Reading Room

The Evelyena D. Honeymon Anteroom entryway to the Peggy V. Helmerich Great Reading Room sets the tone for this iconic location on OU's Norman campus. The Great Reading Room is our most popular quiet study space and serves as the home of theses and dissertations by OU graduates.

Large study tables in the Zarrow Research Rooms

Research Rooms

Research Rooms are available in both the faculty and graduate student areas of the Zarrow Family Faculty & Graduate Student Center. These rooms provide a quiet open area to study or focus on research, with several open desk areas with individual seating. Additionally, each Research Room includes an array of shelving that can be reserved for individual use; for more details, please see our Circulating Bookshelves page. Use of these Research Rooms is restricted to graduate students and faculty; a valid and functional OU ID card is needed to access these rooms.

Photo of the Scholars Lounge

Scholars Lounge

Available to both graduate students and faculty, the Scholars Lounge is located in the central area of the Zarrow Family Faculty & Graduate Student Center and provides an open casual space. The Scholars Lounge features a variety of comfortable seating, including a number of couches and chairs, tables of different sizes, small desks, two fireplaces, and a view of the Oklahoma Canyon Garden.

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